Posters we love

Here are the work of artists who have lovingly put in their time, mind and soul to create  wondrous  posters for us. Though the occasion may have passed, we hold these close to our hearts. 


Artwork - Preetham Gunalan


As Written in the Stars

by Taarika John

By Preetham Gunalan

Artwork: Preetham Gunalan


The Easy Wanderlings

by Parmarth S Rai


I for little things

by Parmarth S Rai


NRTYA Showcase 003 - Hyderabad

 Artist Originals presents the nrtya Showcase is a 2 day art, music and culture experience with a cross pollination of different artistic fields. It incorporates exhibition of varied elements of artwork, vibrant decor and phenomenal performances by unique music acts from around the country at the iconic and scenic Olive Bistro and Bar in Jubilee Hills on the lake with the tangerine sun going down in the horizon.